Carpet Tiles

Used Carpet Tiles For The Flooring In My Basement

I wanted to start working on updating my basement. It was unfinished when we moved in and we mostly used it for storage purposes. My husband and I had talked about what we could do to improve the look of it. We didn’t want to make major updates and wanted to fix it up as cheaply as possible.

The first step in fixing up our basement was to paint the walls. It had been quite some time since they had been painted. When we were finished with that job, we were both impressed with how much it spruced up the basement area.

Then we started talking about flooring and what we could do that was cheap. We had concrete floors in the basement and wanted something simple and easy to do over top of them. We discussed a few different things we could do with our flooring and decided it may be best to put carpet down. We headed out to a local home improvement store to see what they had. After looking through all of the flooring that they had available, we decided it was a little out of our price range. That’s when we remembered there was a local discount store with flooring for sale and it was usually pretty cheap. That was our next stop and we looked at the flooring they had. After comparing prices on carpet they had with carpet tiles, we decided we were going to go with the carpet tiles instead. It was not only cheaper, but it would also be easier for me and my husband to install on our own. We bought the amount of carpet tiles we needed and the glue to go with them. We read about how to prep the concrete so they would stick to it easily.

By the end of that evening, my husband and I had completed our flooring project and we were so impressed with the ease of installing these carpet tiles. We love the way they look and the price we paid for them. We were able to make our basement look like an actual living area instead of just a storage dungeon. We are happy with the way it looks and we are talking about what we are going to do next to it to make it look even better than it does now.