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House Clearance

A House Clearance Needs Proper Organization

House Clearance Needs Proper Organization and Thought

When you need to remove all the items in a home before selling it or letting it our, you need to clear the house so that it only has its bare walls, and nothing left in it to clutter up the rooms. At these times, you need to go in for house clearance and do this systematically.

Often, such need to clear a house may come from the sudden death of the owner, likely a relative, and there may be a lot of emotions involved in the clearing activity. If the home has been lived in for a long time, it is bound to have many acquisitions and furniture that may even have some emotional attachments to the people who have to get the clearance done.

Before undertaking any house clearance, it is necessary to quantify the amount of goods that need to be cleared, so that they can be stored in skips or bins that you may require getting in before you arrange for the final disposal of the household goods. Go through each room, inspect every storage space and make an estimate of the volume of goods that need to be cleared from the home.

At the same time, it may also be wise to sort out the goods in each room into three categories. Goods that you may feel you need to keep because they have some sentimental value or utility in future have to be kept aside for shifting to any new location that you decide on.
Then there can be items that you can safely dispose of, through a garden sale, donations or just giving them away. The last category will be those goods that you need to dispose of into waste collections. These items will always be those that are of no use to anyone. Even so, it may not hurt to get them looked at by scrap merchants, as some of them may even have some value to them, and to you in turn.

It is always possible to carry out any house clearance yourself if you have the time and the energy to do so. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort to sort out all the goods and then make further arrangement for their removal, once you have sorted them out correctly. It is also possible to hand over this task to professionals, who will charge you for their services but take on all the headache and stress that comes with such clearance activity. You will, of course, have to assist them in sorting out the goods, so that they are disposed of correctly.

Make sure that the company whose services you hire is equipped and licensed to carry out such work in your area. They will know all the rules regarding dumping of waste and be able to guide you accordingly. They may also have tie ups with various agencies who can take away goods that you want to sell or donate. Look at companies who have an association with recycling companies as then you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

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