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Effective Gutter Cleaning

The Different Methods Used To Complete Effective Gutter Cleaning

A common problem that plagues almost every household is the issue of clogged gutters. This is particularly noticeable in areas with high rainfall, but irrespective of the area it is as frustrating to the resident. Cleaning the gutter can be considered a very simple task and can be completed independently; however, the stress of dealing with this challenge often leads us to calling in the professionals. This article will discuss the different methods used by professional gutter cleaning services, as well as the methods you can use to clear the gutter yourself.

1. High Pressure Vacuum Systems

The most common gutter cleaning solution used by professionals is the high pressure vacuum system. This technique involves the use of an industrial strength vacuum cleaner operating at a minimum of 3000 watts per minute of suction. It is most effective when clearing gutters of dry leaves and debris, but not efficient when dealing with wet items or damp clogging. In a case of water-logged gutters, it may be necessary to use a wet/dry vacuum system.

2. Smaller Wet/Dry Vacuum Systems

While the professional high pressure vacuum systems are extremely efficient in clearing gutters, it is possible to remove debris and leaves independently. This can be done via the use of smaller vacuum systems that are store bought. The smaller systems are better suited for smaller pipes and can be as effective due to the continuous vacuum air pressure. It should also be noted that many of these items present with an ability to place the removed debris into a storage tank where it is kept to use as fertilizer – an eco-friendly option for cleaning.

3. The Snorkel Technique

Arguably the most effective method used by professional cleaning services is the “snorkel technique”. This involves the use of a thin hooked pipe which is operated from a ground position using wireless cameras. The hook of the pipe is sent inside the gutter and suction is carried out from inside the gutter through the inlet at the end of the pipe. This is highly effective as it “cleans from the inside” reducing the chance of damage to the drain or damage to the exterior as debris leaves the gutter. However, it should be noted that this technique is not always the most effective in cases of severe clogging and is used as a means of removing light dry leaves. If used in sever clogging cases, it will be utilize as a means of assessing the project to evaluate the technique required.

4. The Bucket And Scoop Technique

The most basic solution for cleaning a gutter is the bucket and scoop technique. This is a non-professional option and is the traditional choice if you choose to complete the task independently. All you need for this technique is a bucket and a leaf scoop where you remove the leaves manually from the gutter and place them in the bucket. This can be time-consuming and ladder safety must be considered when completing the task.

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