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Double Glazing Windows And Doors

Double GlazingDouble glazing windows and doors is an expensive undertaking that can cost you anywhere from between $4,500 to $10,000 just to replace your windows, and that’s not to mention the cost of replacing your doors. But if you are a smart owner you will make double glazing windows and doors a priority. Why? In one word: ENERGY.

Did you know that at least 33% of the heat coming from four heating system is lost because of poorly-insulated single-glazed windows? We bet you didn’t know until we told you that. Can you imagine how that 33 affects you? It actually means that you are paying 33% more than you should on your heating bills.

Using double-glazed windows and doors, however, solves that problem. How does it work? With double-glazing, two panes of glass are sandwiched together with an air space between them which is filled with an inert gas like Argon. The idea behind the technology is simple, the thicker the barrier between the indoor and the outdoor, the less likely heat will escape.

We made it clear in the beginning of this article that double-glazed windows and doors are expensive. However, the cost does pay for itself in the form of lower heating bills. But heating bills aside, having them fitted into your house makes your property more secure as they are difficult to break into. Not only that, they reduce noise pollution – if they can stop from going out, they can block the noise from going in.
Most double-glazed windows and doors are made with PVC, however, there are those that are made with wood and other material. If you want to save money, buy those that are made with white PVC because they are the cheapest in the market. PVC that has grain wood design are expensive.
Other than choosing white, there is another way that you can save money: getting a quote from at least three suppliers. The market is actually very competitive and you can definitely see good deals just by shopping around.

If you want to preserve the look of your house by using the same old windows and doors, you should hire a contractor that double glazes existing windows. A custom project is definitely more expensive than ready-to-install double-glazed windows and doors, however, if you have an old house that is valued for its aesthetics, you definitely should call on a glass double-glazing contractor. What they do is to fit a pane of glass from the inside and inserting inert gas between the panel facing outward and the one facing the interior of the house.

Again, you can save money simply by getting a quote from at least three service providers. However, you don’t just hire a contractor based on the price. You should take a look at samples of their past work because it is going to determine the quality of the work they will do for you. Also, check their warranty or work guarantee to address problems that may arise post-installation.