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Oak Beam Design Ideas For Your Home

George Herbert once said that Storms make the oak grow deeper roots. That is exactly what oak woods depict. Oak as wood has high level of tannin content, making it resistant to insect and fungal attacks. In ancient times, oak beams were used for the construction of prestigious buildings. People have so far realized the uniqueness of its elements and of late, there has been a resurgence of people using oak beams for various designs within their homes. Oak structures are also very attractive and can bear any amount of weight due to its strength and stability nature. Furthermore, any solid oak is visually appealing, bearing unique patterns even when left in its natural state.

#1 Use them as structural beams for your ceilings

Use Oak beamed ceilings as decoration below your existing one or as fully functional. All you need to do is to let your supplier know your preferred design and they’ll cut them to pre designed lengths that fit well. Structural beams will add architectural focal point to your ceiling for the better. Furthermore, they’ll blend seamlessly with any kind of ancient timbers if you decide to add them to an existing one. The bottom line is that whatever way you use the beams, they will enhance the natural hue of oak and even enlighten your room.

#2 As renovation elements

Since oak beams are environmentally friendly, they fit being used for renovation purposes. They blend well with existing architectures of any building and that is the reason why many people are gearing towards them for construction and renovations. You can totally change the look of a room with beams and take the advantage to hide flaws if any. This has proven better than using tiles especially if you want to give your room a traditional approach. You may also use oak frames to cover steel structures especially if you need warmth within the building.

#3 Floating shelves

Oak beams will make perfect floating shelves for your library or living room. Their strong nature enables them to support anything you need to display on the shelves. Besides, you can modify them to any design that goes with your taste. Beams will surely offer a sense
of space when used as floating shelves.

#4 Oak framed porch

This fantastic addition does suit most home styles. Depending on your preference, an oak framed porch will bring a sense of class to your home or any building. You can leave the porch open or build it on dwarf walls and it will still look stunning.

#5 Create a stunning focal point

Oak beams will bring warmth and beauty in the most unique way. Create a stunning focal point fireplace using mantel beams. Many people are deviating from the modern stones and tiles which clutter the fireplace and turning to more traditional methods like using beams. The better part is that you can redesign the beams to match your personal taste.

#6 Use it to extend your home

Being durable as it is, oak beam is the perfect choice if you are considering any extension to your home. It could be that you are planning to put up an extended garden room or conservatory to some double height.

#7 For building

If you are planning on building a pillar, fence or wall, going this direction will be of great benefit. Oak material is resistant to moisture and other prevailing harsh weather conditions. When used for building pillars or fences, there would be no additional costs for treating it with preservatives. This makes the beam less toxic as it is usually left in its natural state in most cases.

Oak beams have so far become popular and this is due to the numerous benefits that they pose. They have become the perfect choice for home improvements especially being that there are lots of ideas that they can accomplish. Nevertheless, they don’t require lots of
expenses in terms of finishing. In most cases, oaks do not require chemical treatment to be in perfect state. In fact, you’ll be amazed to find that the oldest wooden structure in the entire world is made from oak. The woodwork and structural beams of Europe’s finest and oldest remaining castles and churches are the products of oak.

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